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Leather Housewives - Medium
Housewife fully loaded - Med

Leather Housewives - Medium

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Medium Housewife Leather
Part Number: 103
Availability: Colors vary and will be chosen by K & K
Leather fully loaded, pins,needles,thread, buttons, and patches - machined/hand stitched. $39.95
Made by K & K

Taken from the Division of the History of Technology, Armed Forces History National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution Behring Center Gift of C. W. Maynard Description of the Union soldier’s housewife Generally rectangular in shape, of cloth or leather that could be folded and tied with cloth tape, the “housewife” contained needles, yarn, and a thimble for mending clothing. Soldiers were often sent off to service by their mothers, sisters, or sweethearts equipped with such an item, as it was general practice for enlisted men to attend to their own uniforms.

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